Top Choice Archaeological Site in Sirmione

Grotte di Catullo

Occupying 2 hectares at Sirmione's northern tip, this ruined 1st-century AD Roman villa is a picturesque complex of teetering stone arches and tumbledown walls, some three storeys high. It's the largest domestic Rom…
Top Choice Island in Salò

Isola del Garda

It's not often you get to explore such a stunning private island, villa and grounds. Anchored just off Salò, this speck of land is crowned with impressive battlements, luxuriant formal gardens and a sumptuous neo-Go…
Museum in Cremona

Museo Civico

The Museo Civico has drawings and tools as well as instruments by Amati and Guarneri (plus art and archaeological finds).
Religious Site in Cremona


The 12th-century baptistry houses some architectural fragments, including a 12th-century figure of the Archangel Gabriel that once perched on the roof of the baptistry.
Tower in Cremona


Cremona's 111m-tall torrazzo (bell tower, although 'torazzo' translates literally as ‘great, fat tower’) soars above the city's central square. A total of 502 steps wind up to the top. The effort is more than repaid…
Museum in Cremona

Collezione gli Archi di Palazzo Comunale

Year-round you can visit the Collezione gli Archi di Palazzo Comunale, featuring instruments from the Stradivari workshop.
Gardens in Stresa

Giardino Botanico Alpinia

More than 1000 Alpine and sub-Alpine species flourish in this 4 hectare botanical garden set part-way up Monte Mottarone. It was founded in 1934 and profiles trees and shrubs from as far away as China and Japan agai…
Zoo in Stresa

Parco della Villa Pallavicino

Barely 1km southeast of central Stresa along the SS33 main road, exotic birds and animals roam relatively freely in the woods and meadows of this child-friendly 20 hectare park. Some 40 species of animals, including…
Palace in Isola Bella

Palazzo Borromeo

Presiding over 10 tiers of spectacular terraced gardens roamed by peacocks, this baroque palace is arguably Lago Maggiore's finest building. Wandering the grounds and 1st floors reveals guestrooms, studies and recep…
Palace in Isola Madre

Palazzo Madre

The 16th- to 18th-century Palazzo Madre is a wonderfully decadent structure crammed full of all manner of antique furnishings and adornments. Highlights include Countess Borromeo’s doll collection, a neoclassical pu…