Top Choice Museum in Aggius

Museo Etnografico ‘Olivia Carta Cannas’

Aggius is famous for its carpets, with a tradition dating back to the 1900s, when 4000 looms were busy in the area. This excellent museum showcases a fine collection of looms and the richly brocaded costumes worn fo…
Nature Reserve in The Interior

Olivastri Millenari di Santo Baltolu

Signposted as 'olivastri millenari', this delightful off-the-beaten-track nature reserve shelters a group of wild olive trees that have been growing for millennia. Scientists from the University of Sassari have calc…
Natural Feature in The Interior

Valle della Luna

A few kilometres northwest of Aggius towards Trinita d’Agultu, you reach the Valle della Luna. It’s a surreal and evocative landscape, where huge granite boulders spill across rolling hills and farmland like giants’…
Mountain in The Interior

Monte Limbara

Some 17km southeast of Tempio, the jagged summit of Monte Limbara (1359m) dominates the gritty landscape. The easiest way to reach it is to drive. From Tempio, head south past the train station and follow the SS392 …
Museum in The Interior

Museo Etnografico Galluras

The Museo Etnografico Galluras celebrates local rural traditions with a collection of agrarian tools and a reconstructed village house. Rooms showcasing the production of wine, cheese, bread, etc all effectively evo…
Archaeological Site in Tempio Pausania

Nuraghe Maiori

Signposted 2km north of Tempio Pausania along the SS133, this nuraghe is more substantial than the many other ruins that dot the surrounding countryside. A trail leads through fragrant herb gardens to the tower, fla…
Spring in Tempio Pausania

Fonti di Rinaggiu

Since Roman days Tempio has been known for its mineral-rich springs, said to have a curative effect on all who drink from them. Locals still come to fill their bottles at the Fonti di Rinaggiu, a pair of springs 1km…
Museum in Aggius

Museo del Banditismo

For a sinister peek at Aggius’ past, stop by the new Museo del Banditismo. Housed in the former magistrate’s court, the museum zooms in on banditry in Gallura (still a problem until the 1990s), with a collection of …
Museum in Berchidda & Monti

Museo del Vino

You can find out about local winemaking and taste some of the area’s Vermentino at the modern Museo del Vino right at the top of town.
Winery in Tempio Pausania

Cantina Gallura

This cantina 1.5km east of town is the perfect place to stock up on the local DOCG Vermentino di Gallura.