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Getting There & Away

To get the best out of the area, you'll really need your own wheels but there are public transport links. Buses run from Iglesias to various points on the coast, including Funtanamare beach (€1.30, 20 minutes, at least six), Nebida (€2, 30 minutes, four to nine daily) and Masua, (€2, 35 minutes, four to nine daily).

Up to 10 daily buses (fewer in winter) link Iglesias with Fluminimaggiore (€2, 45 minutes). To get to Grotta di Su Mannau and Tempio di Antas, ask the driver to drop you off on the main road, from where you'll have to walk the last couple of kilometres.

Regular buses run from Iglesias to Domusnovas (€1.90, 15 minutes).