The Iglesiente coast provides a dramatic setting for some wonderful hiking. Trails and dirt tracks hug the coastline, leading through green-capped slopes to hidden beaches and old mines, many of which can be visited on guided tours. A popular, though tough, route is the stretch from Nebida to Buggerru, via Masua and Cala Domestica beach. Best done over two, or even three, days, it's approximately 30km and involves some serious hill work.

Rock Climbing

About 10km east of Iglesias, the town of Domusnovas is at the centre of one of Sardinia's top rock-climbing areas. The outlying countryside is peppered with limestone rocks, cliffs and caves, many of which are ideal for sports climbing. There are about 500 routes for both novice and experienced climbers ranging from simple, single-pitch walls to tough overhangs. Experts say climatic and rock conditions are at their best between early autumn and late spring.

For more technical information, check out www.climb-europe.com/rockclimbingsardinia.html.