The Apuane Alps & Garfagnana attractions

Historic Site in Carrara

Cava di Fantiscritti

Head up the mountain to this dusty, truck-busy cava de marmo (marble quarry), through a dramatic series of tunnels used by trains to transport marble from 1890 until the 1960s when trucks took over. At the Fantiscri…
Museum in Carrara

Cava Museo

To learn how the Romans worked with marble, visit this surprisingly informative, open-air museum adjoining the souvenir shop across from the quarry entrance.
Cave in The Apuane Alps & Garfagnana

Grotta del Vento

This cave, 9km west of the SS445 along a horribly narrow road, showcases a world of underground abysses, lakes and caverns. April to October, choose between guided tours of one, two or three hours. If you're up to t…
Gardens in The Apuane Alps & Garfagnana

Orto Botanico delle Alpi Apuane 'Pietro Pellegrini'

This delightful botanical garden in Pian della Fioba is ideal for discovering alpine flora. Opening hours can be variable; check the day's opening hours with the tourist office in Massa before trekking out to the ga…
Museum in Carrara

Museo del Marmo

Opposite the tourist office, Carrara's Marble Museum tells the full story of the marble quarries outside town, from the old chisel-and-hammer days to the 21st-century's high-powered industrial quarrying. A fascinati…
Cathedral in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

Chiesa Abbaziale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

Castelnuovo's small duomo (cathedral) was rebuilt in the 15th century on the ruins of an 11th-century Romanesque church. Its baroque interior safeguards a lovely Madonna and Two Saints painting by Michele di Ridolfo…
Museum in The Apuane Alps & Garfagnana

Museo Etnografico

Visit this lovely ethnographic museum, in San Pellegrino's former hospital, to learn just how little traditional mountain life has changed over the centuries for this monastic hilltop village at 1525m.
Cathedral in Barga

Duomo di San Cristoforo

It's a stiff hike up to Barga's imposing cathedral, completed in 1595 and proffering fantastic views from its hilltop position.