This coast-hugging 7km walk incorporates three of the region's most secluded coves: Marina di Praia, the Fiordo di Furore and Conca dei Marini. But don't be lulled into a false sense of security by its proximity to the water, the precipitous hillsides require plenty of ascending and descending on sometimes indistinct paths. The views are rarely less than magnificent.

The path starts just east of Praiano at Marina di Praia, the village’s minuscule beach. Climb up behind the cove, cross the SS163 coast road and take the path up the west side of the Vallone di Praia. As the path climbs and circumnavigates the dry, scrubby valley it becomes narrow and hard to identify before reappearing as the Sentiero dell’Agave in Fiori. This path soon metamorphoses into the paved Passeggiata dell'Amore, inscribed with poetic quotes, before finally emerging opposite the San Elia church in Furore. Take the steps heading downhill directly behind the church (the Sentiero delle Volpe Pescatrice) to come out next to the famous bridge across the Fiordo di Furore. Cross the bridge and take the so-called Sentiero delle Pipistrelli Impazatti (path of the crazy bats) glued to the cliff on the east side. The path heads inland, curves back towards the ocean and ultimately joins the paved Via Maggio in Conca dei Marini at a lofty viewpoint. Follow the paved path on the south side of the road past two churches (San Michele and San Giovanni) as you head downhill into the centre of the village.