Top things to do in Tempio Pausania

Top Choice Sardinian in Tempio Pausania

Trattoria Gallurese

This simple homespun trattoria serves a warm welcome and genuine Gallurese soul food. Go traditional with cinghiale (wild boar) slow-cooked in Cannonau red wine or pecora alla gallurese (Gallurese-style lamb). Delic…
Archaeological Site in Tempio Pausania

Nuraghe Maiori

Signposted 2km north of Tempio Pausania along the SS133, this nuraghe is more substantial than the many other ruins that dot the surrounding countryside. A trail leads through fragrant herb gardens to the tower, fla…
Clothing in Tempio Pausania

Anna Grindi Atelier

Tempio native Anna Grindi works magic in this innovative clothing shop, which sells dresses, shoes and bags made entirely of native Sardinian cork. Using a process developed and patented by Grindi herself, cork from…
Spring in Tempio Pausania

Fonti di Rinaggiu

Since Roman days Tempio has been known for its mineral-rich springs, said to have a curative effect on all who drink from them. Locals still come to fill their bottles at the Fonti di Rinaggiu, a pair of springs 1km…
Religious in Tempio Pausania

Settimana Santa

Tempio Pausania's Easter Week festivities are among the most traditional in Sardinia. On Good Friday members of confraternite (religious brotherhoods) dress up in sinister-looking robes and hoods for the Via Crucis …
Winery in Tempio Pausania

Cantina Gallura

This cantina 1.5km east of town is the perfect place to stock up on the local DOCG Vermentino di Gallura.
Church in Tempio Pausania

Chiesa del Purgatorio

This modest 17th-century church, presiding over Piazza del Purgatorio, has an intriguing history. The story goes that a member of the noble Misorro family was found guilty of carrying out a massacre on this very spo…
Grill in Tempio Pausania

Punto di Ristoro Nuraghe Majori

With tables spilling onto a flowery open-air patio, this makes a lovely spot for an economical lunch of grilled meat, roast potatoes and salad, or plates of local cheese and charcuterie. Look for it 100m south of th…
Arts & Crafts in Tempio Pausania

Casa Mundula

This atmospheric store is a one-stop shop for cork-based knick-knacks, ceramics, filigree jewellery and hand-crafted knives, as well as Sardinian specialities such as pane carasau, local honey and wine, Carloforte t…
Church in Tempio Pausania

Cattedrale di San Pietro

This granite cathedral is the town’s imposing centrepiece. All that remains of the 15th-century original is the bell tower and main entrance.