• To call Sardinia from abroad, dial your international access number, Italy's country code (39) and then the local number (including the area code with the leading 0).
  • To call abroad from Sardinia, dial 00 to get out of Italy and then the relevant country and area codes, followed by the telephone number.
  • Mobile phone numbers begin with a three-figure prefix, typically 330, 331 etc.
  • Sardinian area codes all begin with 0 and consist of up to four digits. Always dial the area code, even when calling locally. Toll-free (free-phone) numbers, known as numeri verdi, usually start with 800.

Mobile Phones

  • As of June 2017, roaming charges no longer apply in the EU. Australian mobiles must be set up for international roaming.
  • US cell phones that operate on the 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies work in Sardinia.
  • SIM cards are readily available at phone and electronic stores in Sardinia.