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Top Choice Archaeological Site in Tarquinia

Necropoli di Monterozzi

This remarkable 7th-century BC necropolis is one of Italy's most important Etruscan sites. At first sight, it doesn't look like much – a green field littered with corrugated huts – but once you start ducking into th…
Museum in Tarquinia

Museo Archeologico Nazionale Tarquiniense

This charming museum, beautifully housed in the 15th-century Palazzo Vitelleschi, is a treasure trove of locally found Etruscan artefacts. Highlights include a series of stone sarcophagi, a terracotta frieze of wing…
Italian in Tarquinia

Il Cavatappi

Tarquinia has several decent eateries, including this family run restaurant in the centro storico. It specialises in traditional regional dishes, so expect cheese and local salamis, flavoursome grilled meats and acq…