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Top Choice Museum in Taranto

Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto

Sitting unassumingly in a side street in Taranto's new town is one of Italy's most important archaeological museums, chiefly dedicated to the archaeology of ancient Taras (Taranto). It houses, among other artefacts,…
Religious in Taranto

Le Feste di Pasqua

Taranto is famous for its Holy Week celebrations – the biggest in the region – when bearers in Ku Klux Klan–style robes carry icons around the town. There are three processions: the Perdoni, celebrating pilgrims; th…
Trattoria in Taranto

Trattoria al Gatto Rosso

Unsurprisingly, seafood is the thing at the Red Cat. Relaxed and unpretentious, its heavy tablecloths, deep wine glasses and solid cutlery set the scene for full enjoyment of dishes such as spaghetti with local clam…
Cathedral in Taranto


The 11th-century cathedral is one of Puglia's oldest Romanesque buildings and an extravagant treat. It's dedicated to San Cataldo, an Irish monk who lived and was buried here in the 7th century. Within, the Capella …
Castle in Taranto

Castello Aragonese

Guarding the swing bridge that joins the old and new parts of town, this impressive 15th-century structure, built on Norman and Byzantine predecessors, was once a prison and is currently occupied by the Italian navy…
Archaeological Site in Taranto

Temple of Poseidon

This 6th-century BC Doric temple is one of the few visible remains of the once-great Greek colony of Taras. The last two surviving columns and the foundations, while only a vestige of the original, give a sense of i…
Pizza in Taranto

Trattoria-Pizzeria Mimmo & Matteo

There are few surprises at this likeable trattoria, but that goes for the unpleasant ones as much as the pleasant. You can depend on getting fresh seafood, good pizzas and affable service, with minimum fuss.
Notable Building in Taranto

Palazzo del Governo

The gigantic rust-red 1930s Palazzo del Governo, inaugurated by Mussolini, is a forbidding and masculine structure, expressive of the fascist ideas of strength then current.