Supramonte attractions

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Supramonte


Hidden in a mountain-top cave deep in the Valle Lanaittu, the mysterious nuraghic village of Tiscali is one of Sardinia’s must-see archaeological highlights. Dating from the 6th century BC and populated until Roman …
Top Choice Canyon in Supramonte

Gola Su Gorropu

Sardinia's most spectacular gorge is flanked by limestone walls towering up to 500m in height. The endemic (and endangered) Aquilegia nuragica plant grows here, and at quieter times it’s possible to spot mouflon and…
Top Choice Spring in Oliena

Su Gologone

Tucked beneath sheer limestone cliffs, this gorgeous mountain spring is the final outflow point for Italy's largest underground river system. Water percolating through the countless fissures and sinkholes in the Sup…
Landmark in Baunei & the Altopiano del Golgo

Il Golgo

Follow the signs from Baunei up a 2km climb of impossibly steep switchbacks to the plateau, then continue 6km north on pavement before taking the signposted turn-off for the final unpaved 1km to Su Sterru (Il Golgo)…
Archaeological Site in Valle di Lanaittu

Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros

The 5-hectare site of Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros is sprinkled with the remains of some 150 nuraghe huts, but the standout attraction – unique among Sardinia's nuraghic sites – is the circular Temple of the Sacred Well, …
Church in Baunei & the Altopiano del Golgo

Chiesa di San Pietro

Standing lonesome on the Golgo plateau amid ancient olive trees, this humble late-16th-century church with its striking whitewashed facade is flanked by cumbessias – rough, open stone structures that traditionally h…
Cave in Valle di Lanaittu

Grotta Corbeddu

Named for Giovanni Corbeddu, the notorious 19th-century bandit who used to hide out here, this 150m-deep cave has also been the site of ongoing archaeological digs. Significant finds unearthed here include human bon…
Cave in Valle di Lanaittu

Grotta di Sa Ohe

Hidden deep in the Valle di Lanaittu are the Grotta Sa Ohe and Su Ventu, two caves linked by a natural siphon. The former, open to the public for self-guided tours, is a wild and enchanting place, named ‘Cave of the…
Museum in Dorgali

Museo Archeologico

This modest archaeology museum spells out the region’s past in artefacts, from pre-nuraghic to medieval times.
Church in Oliena

Chiesa di San Lussorio

The blessedly simple 14th-century Chiesa di San Lussorio is one of Oliena's wonderful old churches.