Palace in Sulmona

Palazzo dell'Annunziata

The most impressive of Sulmona's palazzi (mansions), founded in 1320 but rebuilt many times over, sits above a 1st-century-BC Roman domus (villa). The building has a harmonious blend of Gothic and Renaissance archit…
Museum in Sulmona

Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra

On Piazza Garibaldi, housed in the former Santa Chiara convent, this small museum has an eclectic collection of religious and contemporary art. A highlight is a detailed presepe (nativity scene) depicting 19th-centu…
Museum in Sulmona

Museo dell'Arte Confettiera

This museum is housed in the Fabbrica Confetti Pelino, Sulmona's most famous manufacturer of confetti. The reconstructed 16th-century laboratory looks more like an old-time science lab than a sweet-making plant. It'…
Museum in Sulmona

Museo Civico

Inside the Palazzo dell'Annunziata is the four-in-one Museo Civico with sections dedicated to archaeology, religious art, Abruzzese-Molisiano culture and the remains of the Roman domus (villa) over which the palazzo…
Museum in Sulmona

Museo Archeologico in situ

Cathedral in Sulmona

Cattedrale di San Panfilo

Slightly out of the centre, the Gothic-meets-baroque cathedral is like many things in Sulmona – understated and underrated. The fantastically restored interior guards some precious old artefacts, including a 14th-ce…
Piazza in Sulmona

Piazza Garibaldi

The large town square is home to Sulmona's extensive Wednesday and Saturday morning market: you'll find fresh fish, veg, fruit and flowers as well as the ubiquitous porchetta van, selling pork in a roll. Along Corso…