Sovana attractions

Cathedral in Sovana


Built over a 200-year period starting in the 12th century, this Romanesque–Gothic cathedral was commissioned by local boy-made-big Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand of Sovana; c 1015–85). Its strangely positioned doorway…
Museum in Sovana

Museo di San Mamiliano

In 2004 archaeologists excavating beneath the ruined 9th-century Church of St Mamiliano made the discovery of a lifetime – a cache of 498 gold coins buried in a vase under the church floor in the 5th century AD. Mos…
Church in Sovana

Santa Maria Maggiore

Designed in a Romanesque–Gothic transitional style, the 16th-century frescoes in the apse of this church are perhaps the main reason to head inside; there's also an unusual stone ciborium (vaulted canopy over the al…