Top things to do

Church in Tropea

Santa Maria dell’Isola

Tropea's number one photo opp is Santa Maria dell'Isola, a medieval monastic church given several facelifts over centuries of wear and tear (mainly attributable to earthquakes). Sitting on what was once its own rock…
Seafood in Scilla

Bleu de Toi

Soak up the atmosphere at this lovely little restaurant, where blue lampshades, a Blue Note soundtrack and glimpses of the blue Tyrrhenian set the mood. It has a terrace over the water and excellent seafood dishes, …
Church in Pizzo

Chiesetta di Piedigrotta

The Chiesetta di Piedigrotta is an underground cave full of carved stone statues. It was carved into the tufa rock by Neapolitan shipwreck survivors in the 17th century. Other sculptors added to it and it was eventu…
Viewpoint in Tropea

Capo Vaticano

There are spectacular views from this rocky cape, around 7km south of Tropea, with its beaches, ravines and limestone sea cliffs. Birdwatchers' spirits should soar. There's a lighthouse, built in 1885, which is clos…
Cathedral in Tropea


The beautiful Norman cathedral has two undetonated WWII bombs near the door: it’s believed they didn’t explode due to the protection of the town’s patron saint, Our Lady of Romania. A Byzantine icon (1330) of the Ma…
Gelato in Pizzo

Bar Gelateria Ercole

Pizzo enjoys something of a reputation for its gelato, and, on the main square, Ercole is reckoned by many to serve the best in town. The most admired flavours include tartufo (chocolate and hazelnut) and cassata (e…
Seafood in Tropea


Set on the lip of Tropea’s stunning cliffs, Pimm’s serves up simple but excellent local seafood, as well as wonderful salads starring the town’s prized red onions. Adding to the experience are the memorable beach vi…
Pizza in Pizzo

Ristorante Don Diego di Pizzo

You'll earn your carbs walking uphill from central Pizzo to reach this welcoming restaurant, but be amply recompensed with fantastic views from a panoramic terrace and food to match. Don Diego is particularly known …
Italian in Tropea

Al Pinturicchio

Recommended by the locals, this restaurant in a smartly whitewashed cellar in the old town has a romantic ambience, candlelit tables and a solid repertoire of Calabrian dishes.
Bar in Scilla

Dali City Pub

On the beach in Scilla town, this popular bar has a Beatles tribute corner (appropriately named the Cavern) and has been going strong since 1972.