South of Oristano attractions

Top Choice Church in Santa Giusta

Basilica di Santa Giusta

This landmark Romanesque church is one of Sardinia's architectural jewels. Dating to the early 12th century, it sports a severe sandstone exterior punctuated by blind arcades and a typically Tuscan portal. Inside, t…
Beach in Arborea

Spiaggia di Marina di Arborea

The tiny settlement of Marina di Arborea gives onto this long and rarely busy beach. Backed by dense pine woods, the sandy strip extends northwards for several kilometres to the Stagno S'Ena Arrubia lagoon.
Lagoon in Santa Giusta

Stagno S’Ena Arrubia

Six kilometres to the south of Santa Giusta, the Stagno S’Ena Arrubia is a paradise for birdwatchers – flamingos, herons, coots and ospreys are regularly sighted.
Museum in Arborea

MUB Museo della Bonifica

Housed in a renovated mill, this civic museum charts Arborea's Mussolini-era origins, including its architectural planning, the influx of new residents from northeastern Italy and the reclaiming (bonifica) of land f…
Piazza in Arborea

Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice

Arborea's showcase square, Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice is a beautifully tended space that wouldn’t look out of place in a Swiss alpine village. Overlooking it is the clocked facade of the Tyrolean-style Chiesa del Cri…