Sorrento in detail

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Driving Tour: Sorrento to Amalfi: the ‘Green Ribbon’ Route

  • Start Sorrento
  • End Amalfi
  • Length 51km; two hours

This drive is an alternative to the famous Amalfi Coast road and passes through some stunning mountain scenery. From Sorrento, hug the coast following signs to Naples on the SS145. Just before Castellammare di Stabia, exit onto the SS366 and head to Pimonte. This is a small rural town with tractors trundling through the streets. Stop at the main piazza for the delicious almond-based speciality torta palummo. Expect curious stares; tourists are a rarity here. Continue along the SS366, enjoying forests of beech trees and a backdrop of mountains thickly quilted with pines. You are now in the depths of the verdant Parco Regionale dei Monte Lattari.

Next stop is the pretty dairy-producing village of Agérola. Step into one of the numerous delis for local cheeses like fior di latte (cow-milk mozzarella) and caciocavallo (gourd-shaped traditional curd cheese), produced on the fertile slopes around town. You can also find top-quality local salamis and sausages. The road continues to Bomerano (37km), a familiar name to hikers embarking on the Walk of the Gods. Duck into the 16th-century Chiesa San Matteo Apostolo to check out the ceiling frieze, consider the nostalgic treat of poached eggs on toast at Albergo Gentile (geared towards Northern European hikers), then stop by Fusco at Via Principe di Piemonte 3 for a tub of homemade yoghurt.

The road winds dramatically down to the sea – some strategically placed lookouts allow you to gaze at the view with Conca dei Marini twinkling in the distance. At Furore there's handy parking next to the picturesque Maria SS delle Grazie church, with its adjacent terraced restaurant and small deli. Follow the road round the magnificent Furore fjord (best appreciated from this height), which slices through the mountains all the way to the sea. At 49.7km the road divides and you can turn off to Positano (16km) or continue the remaining kilometre or so to Amalfi.