Sorrento attractions

Museum in Sorrento

Museo Correale di Terranova

East of the city centre, this wide-ranging museum is well worth a visit whether you're a clock collector, an archaeological egghead or into delicate ceramics. In addition to the rich assortment of 16th- to 19th-cent…
Museum in Sorrento

Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea

Since the 18th century, Sorrento has been famous for its intarsio (marquetry) furniture, made with elaborately designed inlaid wood. Some wonderful historical examples can be found in this museum, many of them etche…
Church in Sorrento

Chiesa & Chiostro di San Francesco

Located next to the Villa Comunale Park, this church is best known for the peaceful 14th-century cloister abutting it, which is accessible via a small door from the church. The courtyard features an Arabic portico a…
Church in Sorrento

Basilica di Sant’Antonino

Named after Sorrento's patron saint, the town's oldest church barely looks like a church at all from the outside. The interior paints a more ecclesial picture with its Roman artefacts, dark medieval paintings, gilde…
Harbour in Sorrento

Marina Grande

Noticeably detached from the main city and bereft of the hydrofoils and ferries that crowd Marina Piccola, this secluded former fishing village has a timeless maritime air not dissimilar to Marina Corricella on Proc…
Area in Sorrento

Centro Storico

A major hub for shops, restaurants and bars, recently pedestrianised Corso Italia is the main thoroughfare shooting east-west through the bustling centro storico. Duck into the side streets to the north and you'll f…
Historic Site in Sorrento

Il Vallone dei Mulino

Just behind Piazza Tasso, a vertiginous natural phenomenon is on view from Via Fuorimura. Il Vallone dei Mulino is a deep mountain cleft that dates from a volcanic eruption 35,000 years ago. Sorrento was once bounde…
Historic Building in Sorrento

Sedile Dominova

Incongruously wedged between racks of lemon-themed souvenir merchandise, this 15th-century domed palazzo (mansion) has exquisite, albeit faded, original frescoes. Crowned by a cupola, the terrace, open to the street…
Gallery in Sorrento

Villa Fiorentino

Completed in the mid-1930s and recently restored, the gracious, neoclassical Villa Fiorentino is a venue for high-quality temporary art exhibitions and concerts. Check the website for upcoming events.
Historic Building in Sorrento

Casa di Cornelia Tasso

Between the late 16th and early 17th century, this palazzo (mansion) was home to Cornelia Tasso, sibling of the lauded Italian poet Torquato Tasso. Suffering mental illness, the paranoid poet fled Ferrara in July 15…