Soave attractions

Top Choice Winery in Soave


Soave is not known as a complex white, but this trailblazing winery, located 8km outside Soave via the SP39, has been changing the viticultural landscape in recent years. Don’t miss DOC Monte Carbonare Soave Classic…
Historic Building in Soave

Castello di Soave

Built on a medieval base by Verona’s fratricidal Scaligeri family, the Castello complex encompasses an early Renaissance villa, grassy courtyards, the remnants of a Romanesque church and the Mastio (the defensive to…
Winery in Soave

Azienda Agricola Coffele

Across from the old-town church, this family-run winery offers tastings of lemon-zesty DOC Soave Classico and an elegant, creamy DOC Coffele Ca' Visco Classico. The family also rents out rooms among vineyards a few …