Food in Modica

Dolceria Bonajuto

Sicily's oldest chocolate factory is the perfect place to taste Modica's famous chocolate. Flavoured with cinnamon, vanilla, orange peel and even hot peppers, it's a legacy of the town's Spanish overlords who import…
Food & Drinks in Taormina

La Torinese

Stock up on local olive oil, capers, marmalade, honey and wine. Smash-proof bubble wrapping helps to bring everything home in one piece.
Food & Drinks in Lipari Town

Fratelli Laise

About two-thirds of the way down from Marina Lunga to Marina Corta, a lush, technicolour fruit display announces the presence of this traditional greengrocer, piled high with wines, sweets, anis (aniseed) biscuits, …
Food & Drinks in Palermo

Bottega dei Sapori e dei Saperi della Legalità

For edible souvenirs with a dollop of social consciousness, consider buying some wine, olive oil, pasta, couscous or marmalade – all grown on lands confiscated from the Mafia – at this unique store. It's run by the …
Food & Drinks in Palermo

Gusti di Sicilia

Whether for gifts or personal souvenirs, this is a stellar spot to stock up on beautifully packaged Sicilian edibles. Pick up anything from tins of tuna to jars of caponata, capers and marmalade to bottles of wine a…
Food & Drinks in Lipari Town

La Formagella

You simply can’t leave the Aeolian Islands without a small pot of capers and a bottle of sweet Malvasia wine. You can get both, along with meats, cheeses and other delicious goodies, at this gourmet grocery-deli jus…
Food in Mount Etna

Oro d'Etna

On the eastern slopes of Mt Etna, the small town of Zafferana Etnea has a long tradition of apiculture, producing up to 35% of Italy's honey. For a taste, visit Oro d'Etna, where you can try honey made from the blos…