Top ChoiceChapel in Palermo

Cappella Palatina

Cappella Palatina

Designed by Roger II in 1130, this extraordinary chapel is Palermo's top tourist attraction. Located on the middle level of Palazzo dei Normanni's three-tiered loggia, its glittering gold mosaics are complemented...

Top ChoicePalace in Palermo

Palazzo dei Normanni

Palazzo dei Normanni

Home to Sicily's regional parliament, this venerable palace dates back to the 9th century. However, it owes its current look (and name) to a major Norman makeover, during which spectacular mosaics were added to...

Top ChoiceCathedral in Palermo

Cattedrale di Palermo

Cattedrale di Palermo

A feast of geometric patterns, ziggurat crenellations, maiolica cupolas and blind arches, Palermo's cathedral has suffered aesthetically from multiple reworkings over the centuries, but remains a prime example of...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Palermo

Galleria Regionale della Sicilia

Galleria Regionale della Sicilia

Housed in the stately 15th-century Palazzo Abatellis, this art museum – widely regarded as Palermo's best – showcases works by Sicilian artists dating from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. One of its greatest...

Top ChoicePalace in Palermo

Palazzina Cinese & Parco della Favorita

Once a retreat for King Ferdinand IV and his wife Maria Carolina, this pagoda-inspired pavilion exemplifies the popularity of 'Oriental exotica' in 18th-century Europe. Chinese, Egyptian, Islamic and Pompeiian...

Top ChoiceSweets in Palermo

I Segreti del Chiostro

Countless blessings await at this extraordinary pasticceria, hidden away in a former convent. The culmination of endless hours of research, it uses once secret recipes to bake rare sweet treats from numerous...

Top ChoiceGallery in Palermo

Pinacoteca Villa Zito

Elegant 18th-century Villa Zito houses a sharply curated collection of mainly Sicilian-themed art spanning the 17th to 20th centuries. You'll find a number of fascinating historical depictions of Palermo,...

Top ChoiceWine Bar in Palermo


Once a hardware store, this genuinely cool, piazza-side bar-eatery now fixes long days with well-mixed cocktails and clued-in vino. Rotating wines by the glass might include a natural white from western Sicily or...

Top ChoiceTheatre in Palermo

Teatro Massimo

Teatro Massimo

Taking over 20 years to complete, Palermo's neoclassical opera house is the largest in Italy and the second-largest in Europe. The closing scene of The Godfather: Part III, with its visually arresting...

Top ChoiceCocktail Bar in Palermo

Bocum Mixology

Decked out in contemporary art and eclectic objets, bohemian Bocum was Palermo’s first proper cocktail bar and remains one of its best. While the ground-floor cantina is a fine spot for cognoscenti wines and DOP...

Top ChoiceSeafood in Palermo

Aja Mola

On-point Aja Mola is among Palermo's top seafood eateries. The interior's smart, subtle take on a nautical theme is reflected in the open kitchen, which eschews stock-standard cliches for modern, creative dishes....

Top ChoiceMarket in Palermo

Mercato di Ballarò

Mercato di Ballarò

Snaking for several city blocks southeast of Palazzo dei Normanni is Palermo's busiest street market, which throbs with activity well into the early evening. It's a fascinating mix of noises, smells and street...

Top ChoiceWine Bar in Palermo

Hic! La Folie du Vin

Hugely popular with 30- and 40-plus locals, Hic! is never short of a fun crowd, spilling out onto the footpath in a sea of banter and reasonably priced vino. The latter includes lots of Italian, French and German...

Top ChoiceOpera in Palermo

Teatro Massimo

Ernesto Basile's six-tiered art-nouveau masterpiece is Europe's second-largest opera house and one of Italy's most prestigious, right up there with La Scala in Milan, San Carlo in Naples and La Fenice in Venice....

Top ChoiceArt in Palermo

Lurù Maison d'Artiste

After years living abroad, Loredana Lo Verde returned to her native Palermo, opening this little studio-gallery in La Kalsa. Inspired by Sicilian icons, from saints and pupi (marionettes) to prickly pears, the...

Top ChoiceSicilian in Palermo

Trattoria al Vecchio Club Rosanero

A veritable shrine to the city’s football team (rosa nero refers to the team’s colours, pink and black), cavernous Vecchio Club scores goals with its generous, bargain-priced grub. Fish and seafood are the real...

Museum in Palermo

Museo dell'Inquisizione

Housed in the lower floors and basements of 14th-century Palazzo Chiaromonte Steri, this fascinating museum explores the legacy of the Inquisition in Palermo. Thousands of 'heretics' were detained here between...

Church in Palermo

La Martorana

La Martorana

On the southern side of Piazza Bellini, this luminously beautiful 12th-century church was endowed by King Roger's Syrian emir, George of Antioch, and was originally planned as a mosque. Delicate Fatimid pillars...

Chapel in Palermo

Oratorio di Santa Cita

This 17th-century chapel showcases the breathtaking stuccowork of Giacomo Serpotta, who famously introduced rococo to Sicilian churches. Note the elaborate Battle of Lepanto on the entrance wall. Depicting the...