Museum in Mazara del Vallo

Museo del Satiro Danzante

The jewel in Mazara's crown, this museum revolves around its central exhibit, a bronze statue known as the Satiro danzante (Dancing Satyr), hauled from the watery depths by local fishermen in the late 1990s. The...

Piazza in Mazara del Vallo

Piazza della Repubblica

Mazara's central piazza is an attractive space edged by elegant buildings, including the Cattedrale del San Salvatore, the two-storey Seminario dei Chierici (dating from 1710) and, on the opposite side of the...

Historic Site in Mazara del Vallo

La Casbah

At the northwest corner of the historic centre, this multicultural maze of narrow streets was once the heart of the Saracen city. The main thoroughfare was Via Bagno, which still has its hammam (public baths)....

Church in Mazara del Vallo

Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio

This early 18th-century church collapsed in the 1930s, but its roofless remains make a photogenic detour, with their circular colonnade of twin columns backed by a vine-draped stone wall.

Cathedral in Mazara del Vallo

Cattedrale del San Salvatore

With its glistening cluster of emerald-green, ceramic-tiled domes, the cathedral is an imposing sight. Originally dating to the 11th century, it was completely rebuilt in baroque style in the 17th century. Over...

Ruins in Mazara del Vallo


Just in from the waterfront, the ragged remains of Count Roger's Norman castle have definitely seen better days, but their forlorn ruination is wonderfully atmospheric when illuminated at night.