Music in Porta Romana & Porta Vittoria


Taking a leaf out of the concept store book, Nicola Kitharatzis has created this classical music wonderland, a huge 350-sq-metre space where enthusiasts (professional and amateur) can come to buy music, drink coffee…
Music in Navigli & Zona Tortona


A husband-and-wife, DJ-stylist duo highlight some of Milan’s most avant-garde looks and sounds. Look for Azumi & David boot bags and strap-on gaffer tape jewels or Nakkna’s divine draped jersey from Sweden; then…
Music in Bologna

Semm Music Store

A temple for music purists, this old school record shop is of more modest days, when browsing rows of vinyl and CDs was a perfectly entertaining way to pass an afternoon (or a lifetime). Besides the new and used mus…
Music in Monti, Esquilino & San Lorenzo


One of a handful of shops serving Rome's record collectors, this San Lorenzo store is vinyl nirvana. Its eclectic collection of LPs, CDs, 7-inch singles, DVDs and Blu-rays covers the whole musical gamut, ranging fro…
Music in San Giovanni & Testaccio

Soul Food

Run by Hate Records, Soul Food is a laid-back record store with an eclectic collection of vinyl that runs the musical gamut, from ’60s garage and rockabilly to punk, indie, new wave, folk, funk and soul. You'll also…
Musical Instruments in Monti, Esquilino & San Lorenzo

Roma Liuteria di Mathias Menanteau

A vintage ceramic-tiled wood burner casts a golden glow on this old-fashioned artisan workshop where French luthier Mathias Menanteau crafts and restores cellos and violins by hand.
Music in Navigli & Zona Tortona


Stocked to the rafters with classic vinyl, and used and new CDs, this tiny shop is heaven for music aficionados searching out that hard-to-find '70s Italian rock track.
Music in San Polo & Santa Croce

Mille e Una Nota

The same thought occurs to almost everyone after hearing a concert in Venice: is it too late to take up an instrument? The easiest would be harmonica or recorder, and Mille e Una Nota has impressive vintage and mode…
Music in Villa Borghese & Northern Rome

Goody Music

A point of reference for DJs in the capital, this store stocks a comprehensive range of high-tech DJ gear as well as tunes: hip-hop, house, trance, disco, soul and funk, on vinyl and CD.
Music in Perugia

Musica Musica

Old-school record shop featuring rows and rows of new and used vinyl, CDs and musical paraphernalia. Audiophiles unite!