TIM/Telecom Italia (www.tim.it) is Italy's biggest telecommunications company, offering both landline and cellular service.

Mobile Phones

Italian mobile phones operate on the GSM 900/1800 network. If you have an unlocked GSM phone that supports these frequencies, you can purchase a pre-pagato (pre-paid) SIM card in Italy for as little as €10.

More Information

As a general rule, local SIM card rates are cheaper than the roaming rates incurred for using your home mobile phone in Italy.

TIM, Wind (www.wind.it), Vodafone (www.vodafone.it) and Tre (www.tre.it) all sell a variety of SIM cards offering voice, data and/or international calling, and all have plentiful retail outlets in Sicily. You'll need your passport to open an account. To recharge your card, simply pop into the nearest outlet or buy a ricarica (charge card) from a tobacconist.

Useful Numbers & Codes

Italian area codes all begin with '0' and consist of up to four digits. The area code is followed by a telephone number of anything from four to eight digits. Area codes are an integral part of all telephone numbers in Italy, even if you are calling within a single zone. For example, any number you ring in Palermo will start with 091, even if it's next door. When making domestic calls you must always dial the full number including the initial zero. Mobile-phone numbers begin with a three-digit prefix such as 333, 347 or 390.

To make an international call from Sicily, dial the international access code (00), then the relevant country and area codes followed by the telephone number.

To dial a Sicilian number from outside Italy, dial your international access code, followed by Italy’s country code (39), the relevant city code (including the initial ‘0’) and the number.

International access code (for international calls from Italy)00
Italy's country code (for international calls to Italy)39
International operator170
Directory enquiries1254