Top Choice Museum in Sassari

Museo Nazionale Sanna

Sassari's premier museum, housed in a grand Palladian villa, boasts a comprehensive archaeological collection and an ethnographical section dedicated to Sardinian folk art. The highlight is the nuraghic bronzeware, …
Top Choice Piazza in Sassari

Piazza Italia

Sassari’s largest piazza, Piazza Italia, is one of Sardinia’s most impressive public spaces. Covering about a hectare, it is surrounded by imposing 19th-century buildings, including the neoclassical Palazzo della Pr…
Cathedral in Sassari


Sassari’s Duomo, also known as the Cattedrale di San Nicola, dazzles with its 18th-century baroque facade, a giddy free-for-all of statues, reliefs, friezes and busts. It's all a front, though, because inside the ca…
Church in Sassari

Basilica della Santissima Trinità di Saccargia

The most impressive Romanesque church is the Basilica della Santissima Trinità di Saccargia. It's about 18km southeast of Sassari on the SS597 road to Olbia.
Museum in Sassari

Museo della Brigata Sassari

Sassari is home to one of Italy’s most revered army regiments. The Sassari Brigade was established in 1915 and during WWI established a reputation for bravery in the face of appalling conditions. You can glean somet…
Fountain in Sassari

Fontana di Rosello

Sassari's most famous fountain, or what's left of it, sits in a sunken area in the midst of Piazza Mercato, a busy and unsightly traffic junction just outside the city walls. A monumental marble box ringed by eight …
Church in Sassari

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Betlem

With its distinctive dome and proud Romanesque facade, the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Betlem reveals a curious blend of architectural styles. The exterior sports Gothic and even vaguely Oriental elements. Inside, the …
Gallery in Sassari

Mus'A Pinacoteca al Canopoleno

Housed in a 16th-century Jesuit college, Sassari's municipal art collection boasts over 400 paintings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Of the religious art on the ground floor, a highlight is Bartolomeo Viv…
Museum in Sassari

Palazzo di Città

The principal seat of the Museo della Città.
Museum in Sassari

Palazzo Ducale

Seat of Sassari city council and the Museo della Città.