Top ChoiceArchaeological Site in Barumini & Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

In the heart of the voluptuous green countryside near Barumini, the Nuraghe Su Nuraxi is Sardinia’s sole World Heritage Site and the island’s most visited nuraghe. The focal point is the 1500 BC tower, which...

Top ChoiceArea in La Giara di Gesturi

La Giara di Gesturi

Rising above the rolling green landscape, La Giara di Gesturi is a high basalt plateau famous for its wild horses and uncontaminated natural beauty. The 45-sq-km plain, much of which is carpeted by macchia...

Top ChoiceAgriturismo in Villanovaforru & Nuraghe Genna Maria

Agriturismo Su Boschettu

Come hungry, take a seat and wait for the fun to begin. Out will come an array of delicious antipasti – seasonal vegetables, salami, cheeses – all accompanied by warm home-baked bread. Next up is pasta, perhaps...

Museum in Villanovaforru & Nuraghe Genna Maria

Museo Archeologico

Housed in a yellow 19th-century palazzo in the village centre, the Museo Archeologico provides a good overview of the area's prehistoric past with finds from many local sites, including Su Nuraxi and Genna Maria....

Museum in Barumini & Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

Casa Zapata

This attractive museum complex occupies the 16th-century residence of the Spanish Zapata family, La Marmilla's 16th-century rulers. The whitewashed villa was originally built over a 1st-millennium-BC nuraghic...

Museum in Sanluri

Castello di Sanluri

Just off Via Carlo Felice, the main road through town, Sanluri's 14th-century castle houses the Museo Risorgimentale Duca d'Aosta and its eclectic collection of assorted military paraphernalia. Outside in the...

Museum in Villanovaforru & Nuraghe Genna Maria

Museo Sa Corona Arrubia

To the northeast of Villanovaforru near Lunamatrona, this excellent museum showcases the area's flora and fauna, as well as illustrating its ancient history and rural culture. Recreations of prehistoric sites and...

Archaeological Site in Sardara

Area Archeologico

A few hundred metres from Sardara's museum, the Gothic Chiesa di Sant'Anastasia sits in the midst of what was once a much larger nuraghic temple. An important place of worship between the 11th and 7th centuries...

Archaeological Site in Villanovaforru & Nuraghe Genna Maria

Complesso Nuragico di Genna Maria

This nuraghic complex, signposted as the Parco Archeologico, is set on a panoramic wooded hilltop about 1km out of the village on the road to Collinas. One of the most important nuraghi in Sardinia, it consists...

Trattoria in Sanluri

Bistrot Il Castello

After visiting the Castello, decamp to this attractive stone-clad bar-trattoria near the castle entrance. Relaxed and informal, it's good for a classic meal of cured meats and cheeses, seasonally driven pastas...

Castle in La Marmilla

Castello di Marmilla

Lording it over the electric green landscape, the scant ruins of the 12th-century Castello di Marmilla sit atop a perfectly pyramidal hill near the hamlet of Las Plassas, 3km southwest of Barumini. The castle was...

Amusement Park in Barumini & Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

Parco Sardegna In Miniatura

A kilometre west of Barumini, the Parco Sardegna in Miniatura is a family-friendly theme park centred on a miniature reconstruction of Sardinia. Other attractions include a dinosaur park, a recreated nuraghic...

Pub in Sanluri

Free Time Pub

If a glass of cool prosecco sounds good, join the locals at this popular pub. There's seating in a polished wood interior or, better still, on its pavement verandah. For a quick bite, it serves classic Italian...

Church in La Giara di Gesturi

Chiesa di Santa Teresa d'Avila

On the Giara's southeastern flank, the town of Gesturi is dominated by the 30m-high bell tower of the Chiesa di Santa Teresa d'Avila. The faithful flock to this 17th-century parish church to celebrate Gesturi's...

Church in La Giara di Gesturi

Chiesa di San Pietro

Before you head up to the Giara, check out the Chiesa di San Pietro in Tuili. The pride and joy of this much-altered 15th-century church is its colourful retablo (altarpiece), created by a mysterious artist known...

Museum in Sanluri

Museo Etnografico Cappuccini

Housed in a 17th-century monastery, this small museum displays a varied collection of artefacts and artworks relating to the activities of Sardinia's Cappuccini monks. Exhibits include obsidian arrowheads,...

Trattoria in Sardara

Su Mallaccioi

Housed in a Pompeiian-red villa in a residential street near the historic centre, Su Mallaccioi is signposted off the main road through the village. Expect a casual trattoria vibe and hearty portions of...

Museum in Sardara

Civico Museo Archeologico Villa Abbas

At the top of the historic centre, this modest museum showcases a collection of finds from local archaeological sites. Among the finest pieces are two 8th-century-BC bronze statuettes found on the edge of Sardara...

Church in Sardara

Chiesa di San Gregorio

The Chiesa di San Gregorio makes a fetching town landmark. Built between 1300 and 1325 in a mixed Romanesque Gothic style, it boasts a sombre, soaring facade and a pretty rose window. It's closed to the public.

Church in Barumini & Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

Chiesa di Santa Tecla

Guarding the crossroads in Barumini's village centre, this squat 17th-century church sports a crenellated facade punctuated by an unusual octagonal rose window.