Sarcidano attractions

Archaeological Site in Sarcidano

Santuario Santa Vittoria

Beyond the small village of Serri, the Santuario Santa Vittoria is one of Sardinia's most important nuraghic settlements. It was first studied in 1907 and later excavated in 1962. What you see today is divided rough…
Museum in Laconi

Menhir Museum

Occupying an elegant 19th-century palazzo, this delightful museum exhibits a collection of 40 menhirs (billed as the largest such collection in the Mediterranean region). Taken from sites across the surrounding area…
Archaeological Site in Sarcidano

Pranu Mutteddu

Near the village of Goni, Pranu Mutteddu is a unique funerary site dating to the neolithic Ozieri culture (between the 3rd and 4th millennia BC). The site is dominated by a series of domus de janas (literally ‘fairy…
Archaeological Site in Sarcidano

Nuraghe Arrubiu

Rising out of the Sarcidano plain, about 10km south of Orroli and off the SP10, is the Nuraghe Arrubiu, which takes its Sardinian name from the red colour of the trachyte stone. This impressive structure, centred on…
Park in Laconi

Parco Aymerich

Turn left off Via Sant’Ignazio to reach this smashing 22-hectare park, noted for sheltering Sardinia's widest variety of native orchid species. Among the exotic trees (including an impressive cedar of Lebanon and se…
Archaeological Site in Sarcidano

Nuraghe Is Paras

About 20km south of Laconi, by the sports centre in Isili, the Nuraghe Is Paras is notable for its striking tholos (beehive-shaped cone), which at 11.8m is the highest in Sardinia.
Shrine in Laconi

Casa Natale di Sant’Ignazio

Tucked down a cobbled lane, this simple two-roomed house is where St Ignatius was apparently born (he died in 1781). The back room, with its low wood ceiling and stone walls, is a good example of what a village hous…