Cave in Santadi

Le Grotte Is Zuddas

Five kilometres south of Santadi, the Grotte Is Zuddas is a fascinating cave system. Of particular note are the helictites in the main hall. No one really knows how these weirdly shaped formations were created, alth…
Winery in Santadi

Cantina Santadi

On the road between Santadi and Villaperuccio, this award-winning winery is the place to stock up on local wines. Particularly good are the highly rated reds Terre Brune and Grotta Rossa, both made with Carignano gr…
Museum in Santadi

Museo Etnografico 'Sa Domu Antiga'

To give an idea of how villagers lived in the early 20th century, this small museum recreates the home of a relatively well-off rural worker. Admission also covers Santadi's modest archaeology museum (same hours) at…