Museum in Sant’Angelo & the South Coast

Casa Museo

The good news is that this museum is well signposted and has a car park. The bad news is that it's on a perilous corner on Ischia's mountain road between Buonopane and Fontana. Double back if you can because beguili…
Beach in Sant’Angelo & the South Coast

Baia di Sorgeto

Among all those posh, dreamy (sometimes expensive) spas, it's nice to have access to something that's thermal and free. Located at the bottom of 300 steps, 2km south of the village of Panza, hot thermal water spills…
Beach in Sant’Angelo & the South Coast

Spiaggia dei Maronti

Long, sandy and very popular, this beach was a favourite landing spot for pirates, who would bury their loot beneath the sand. Reach it by bus from Barano, by water taxi from Sant'Angelo (€3 one way) or on foot alon…