Top Choice Church in San Gimignano


Parts of San Gimignano's Romanesque cathedral were built in the second half of the 11th century, but its remarkably vivid frescoes, depicting episodes from the Old and New Testaments, date from the 14th century. Loo…
Top Choice Museum in San Gimignano

Palazzo Comunale & Torre Grossa

The 12th-century Palazzo Comunale is home to the Camera del Podestà, with its meticulously restored and slightly saucy cycle of frescoes by Memmo di Filippuccio – in this morality tale the rewards of marriage are sh…
Museum in San Gimignano

Museo Archeologico & Speziera di Santa Fina

The Speziera di Santa Fina, one of two museums on the same site, features a part-reconstructed 15th- to 18th-century pharmacy, complete with shelves stacked with brightly painted ceramic jars, half-empty potion bot…
Church in San Gimignano

Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

This late-13th-century church is best known for Benozzo Gozzoli's charming fresco cycle illustrating the life of St Augustine. You'll find it behind the altar – putting €0.50 in the slot provides better illumination…
Gallery in San Gimignano

Galleria Continua

It may seem strange to highlight contemporary art in this medieval time capsule of a town, but there's good reason. Galleria Continua is one of the best commercial art galleries in Europe, showing the work of big-na…
Museum in San Gimignano

Museo del Vino

San Gimignano's famous wine, Vernaccia, is celebrated in this small museum next to the rocca (fortress). Exhibits trace the history of the product and the surrounding land; there's also an enoteca where you can buy …
Museum in San Gimignano

Museo d'Arte Sacra

Works of medieval religious art from San Gimignano's key churches are on display in this modest museum. Particularly beautiful items made from precious metals include crafted chalices and thuribles (censers); there …
Museum in San Gimignano

San Gimignano del 1300

Youngsters love this handmade ceramic re-creation of the medieval city, complete with houses, streets, towers and people as they would have looked in 1300. It's quite likely to inspire junior visitors to bigger and …
Museum in San Gimignano

Museo Ornitologico

Due south of the fort is the Museo Ornitologico. Its mournful collection of stuffed birds dates back to 1886 and looks it.
Fortress in San Gimignano


The Rocca is the crumbling shell of the town's fortress with great views across the valley, a small playground - and not much else.