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Food & Drink in San Daniele del Friuli

Aria di San Daniele

San Daniele holds the Aria di Festa, a four-day feeding frenzy of a festival each summer. Prosciuttifici do mass open house tours and tastings, musicians entertain and everyone tucks in.
Bar in San Daniele del Friuli

Il Michelaccio

This is the bar that's open when all the genteel wine bars are shuttered (and where all the hospitality staff head after their shifts are done), but it's also a great all day hang-out with good coffee, great spritze…
Deli in San Daniele del Friuli

Bottega del Prosciutto

Levi Gregoris' prosciutto is known for its sweetness and perfume and you can buy as much as your heart and stomach desire at his Bottega di Prosciutto, as well as browsing the regional cheeses and wines and an excel…
Church in San Daniele del Friuli

Chiesa di San Antonio Abate

Frescoes are one of San Daniele’s other fortes besides porky products and you’ll find some colourful examples etched by Pellegrino da San Daniele, aka Martino da Urbino (1467–1547), in the small Romanesque Chiesa di…
Library in San Daniele del Friuli

Biblioteca Guarneriana

The Biblioteca Guarneriana is one of Italy’s oldest and most venerated libraries and was founded in 1466. It contains 12,000 well-preserved antique books, including a priceless manuscript of Dante’s Inferno.
Wine Bar in San Daniele del Friuli

Enoteca la Trappola

Head to dark and moody Trappola for crowd-pleasing platters of prosciutto (from €6), cheese (€6 to €8) or smoked trout (€8) and well-priced wine by the glass with a very local, very vocal crowd.
Italian in San Daniele del Friuli

Ai Bintars

No menu, no fuss, no kerbside appeal, Ai Bintars simply serves the best prosciutto and salami alongside small plates of marinated vegetables, local cheeses and generous hunks of bread.
Friulian in San Daniele del Friuli

Osteria di Tancredi

Serves up Friulian classics, cjalcions (filled pasta), frico and apple gnocchi in a cosy room that pares back the rustic touches to a pleasing simplicity.