Museum in Saluzzo

Museo Civico di Casa Cavassa

This fine example of a 16th-century noble residence contains a valuable 1499 gold-leaved painting, Nostra Signora dell Grazie (Our Lady of Mercy), by Hans Klemer.
in Saluzzo


A few kilometres south of Saluzzo, the creaking medieval castle in the village of Manta is one of the finest examples of its kind, and carefully guards Europe’s most important cycle of late-Gothic secular frescoes. …
Landmark in Saluzzo

Torre Civica

The burnt-red-tiled rooftops of Saluzzo's old town make a timeless picture from the loggia beneath the 15th-century belfry, which is reached by a steep flight of steps.
Castle in Saluzzo

La Castiglia

Saluzzo's medieval rulers meted out justice from the 13th-century Castello dei Marchesi atop Saluzzo's old town. It is open Sundays only from 3pm to 7pm. Enquire at the tourist office about guided tours.