Boat Tours

Some of the best swimming spots in the area are only accessible by sea, so you'll need to sign up for a boat tour or hire a boat for yourself. Salina Relax Boats offers various tours of Salina and the other islands, costing between €60 and €70 per person; it also hires out boats and runs a water-taxi service.


Salina's vineyards produce some excellent wines, and sampling the island's famous Malvasia is one of the great pleasures of travelling here. Signposted off the main road in Malfa you'll find three of the best wineries: Fenech, Marchetta and Virgona. Other important Malvasias are produced at the luxurious Capofaro resort on the 5-hectare Tasca d'Almerita estate between Malfa and Santa Marina, and at Hauner, near the town of Lingua at Salina's southeast corner. Some of these wineries will let you stop in for a taste if you call ahead. Alternatively, you'll find local Malvasias well represented on restaurant wine lists around the island.