Bus in Salerno

Busitalia Campania

Busitalia Campania bus 4 connects Salerno to Pompeii (€2.40; two hours); catch the bus from Corso Garibaldi at the corner of Via Luigi Barrella. Buses run 25 times daily Monday to Saturday and 11 times on Sunday.
Bus in Paestum

Busitalia Campania

Bus 34 runs to Paestum from Piazza della Concordia in Salerno (€2.70, one hour) or, in the other direction, from Agropoli (€1.30, 20 minutes). Services depart roughly every one to two hours Monday to Saturday and fo…
Bus in Agropoli

Busitalia Campania

Bus 34 runs from Piazza della Concordia in Salerno to Agropoli (€3.40, one hour) and then onto Santa Maria Castellabate and Acciaroli. Buses run roughly every one to two hours Monday to Saturday and four to five tim…
Ferry in Salerno

Porto Turistico Ferry & Hydrofoil Terminal

Hydrofoils to Amalfi, Positano and Capri depart from the Porto Turistico, 200m down the pier from Piazza della Concordia. You can buy tickets from the booths by the embarkation point.
Taxi in Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni

Il Leone d'Oro

Offers a decent taxi service with driver from around €0.50 per kilometre – a good way of getting around the park if you don't want to drive. Reserve by phone several days in advance.
Ferry in Salerno

Molo Manfredi

Alicost and Navigazione Libera del Golfo ferry services to Amalfi Coast towns and Capri depart from Molo Manfredi, 1.8km west of the Porto Turistico.
Bus Station in Salerno

Bus Station

SITA Sud buses for Amalfi depart at least hourly from the bus station on Piazza Vittorio Veneto, beside Salerno train station.
Bus in Salerno & the Cilento

Curcio Viaggi

Operates three daily buses each way between Salerno and Polla on weekdays, and one daily service each way on Saturday.
Bus in Salerno & the Cilento

Infante Viaggi

Runs coaches between Rome, Naples and Salerno into the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Valle di Diano e Alburni.
Train Station in Agropoli

Agropoli-Castellabate Station

Agropoli-Castellabate station is on the east side of Agropoli, a 1km walk from the centre.