LGBT Travellers

Homosexuality is legal and widely accepted, but Rome is fairly conservative in its attitudes and discretion is still wise.

The city has a thriving, if low-key, gay scene. There are relatively few queer-only venues, but the Colosseum end of Via di San Giovanni in Laterano is a favourite hangout and many clubs host regular gay and lesbian nights. Outside town, there are a couple of popular gay beaches on the Ostia seafront: Settimo Cielo and the nearby Oasi Naturista Capocotta. Both are accessible by bus 061 from Ostia Lido.

Gay Village This is the big annual event, held between June and September in Testaccio.

Resources include the following:

Arcigay The Roman branch of Arcigay, Italy's national organisation for the LGBT+ community.

Circolo Mario Mieli di Cultura Omosessuale Organises debates, cultural events and social functions. Its website has info and listings of forthcoming events.

Coordinamento Lesbiche Italiano The national organisation for lesbians holds regular conferences, cultural events and literary evenings at the adjoining Casa Internazionale delle Donne in Trastevere.