Day Trips

Ostia Antica

25km southwest; half day

One of Lazio’s prize sights, the sprawling ruins of ancient Rome’s main seaport are wonderfully preserved, like a smaller and less-crowded Pompeii.


30km east; full day

Take in two Unesco World Heritage Sites: Villa Adriana, the sprawling estate of Emperor Hadrian, and Villa d’Este, a Renaissance villa famous for its gardens and extravagant fountains.

Castelli Romani

20km southeast; full day

A lovely cluster of lush hills and volcanic lakes, renowned for its food and drink. Head to the wine town of Frascati and hilltop Castel Gandolfo overlooking Lago Albano.


35km northwest; full day

A relaxed provincial town plays host to one of Italy’s great Etruscan sights, a haunting burial complex known as the Necropoli di Banditaccia.


120km northwest; full day

Midway between Rome and Florence, cliff-top Orvieto impresses with its medieval centre and extraordinary Gothic cathedral decorated with spellbinding frescoes.


240km southeast; full day

The ruined city of Pompeii provides a thrilling slice of ancient life: walk down Roman streets and explore millennia-old houses temples, shops, cafes and amphitheatres, even a brothel.