Must see attractions in Monti, Esquilino & San Lorenzo

  • A
    Aula Ottagona

    Hidden behind a stark rectangular facade, the Aula Ottagona (Octangonal Classroom) was once part of the Diocletian Bath complex. In the 1920s the huge…

  • C
    Chiesa di San Paolo entro le Mura

    With its stripy neo-Gothic exterior, Rome’s American Episcopal church is decorated with some unusual 19th-century mosaics designed by the Birmingham-born…

  • P
    Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

    Laid out in the late 19th century as the centrepiece of an upmarket residential district, Rome’s largest square is an ill-kempt grassy expanse, surrounded…

  • B
    Basilica di Santa Pudenziana

    The church of Rome’s Filipino community contains a sparkling 4th-century apse mosaic, the oldest of its kind in the city. An enthroned Christ is flanked…

  • P
    Porta Maggiore

    Porta Maggiore was built by order of the Emperor Claudius in AD 52. Then, as now, it was a major road junction under which passed the two main southbound…

  • T
    Trofei di Mario

    These ruins are the remains of a monumentally grandiose fountain built by emperor Alexander Severus to mark the end of an aqueduct. This principle of a…

  • C
    Chiesa di Sant’Eusebio

    This small church, set back off the square, is popular with pet owners who bring their animals to be blessed on St Anthony’s feast day (17 January).