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Not only is the Testaccio neighborhood considered one of the best places in Rome to live, but it’s also an excellent area if you’re a visiting foodie. Once home to the biggest slaughterhouse in Europe, Testaccio is now a hip neighborhood and a mecca for the best food in Rome. Led by your own personal foodie guide, meet some of our favorite local vendors and sample the best Roman pasta dishes, panino sandwiches, wine, olives, pizza and gelato. And along the way, learn more about the Eternal City’s history and culture.

Testaccio Neighborhood in Rome Testaccio has an abundance of fantastic food, rich history and vibrant character. Back in ancient times, the neighborhood served as Rome’s city docks. Olive oil, grains and other foods arrived in terracotta vessels called amphorae, and workers broke open the pots to access their contents. Over time, the terracotta fragments grew into a pile. After a few hundred years, the pile became a hill called Monte Testaccio. Testaccio is linked with classic cucina povera, a word that translates into “poor kitchen”. This is because of the area’s proximity to the massive slaughterhouse that once defined it.  Testaccio Market Getting away from the crowds in the more touristy parts of Rome is an important part of an authentic trip to Italy. Visiting a local food market is the perfect way to experience the Eternal City like a local. One of the best food markets in Rome, the Testaccio Market offers a glimpse of what daily life is like for locals. And not only will you simply pass through and admire this vibrant slice of Roman life, but you’ll meet the vendors who earn their living here.  The Best Pizza in Testaccio It should be a crime to visit Italy and not eat pizza. Stop for some Roman pizza or pizza al taglio (cut to go). The Italian version of fast food, pizza al taglio is a popular way to grab a bite to eat on the run. Unlike pizza you order in a sit-down restaurant, pizza al taglio has a thin, crunchy crust. Once you learn how to order it, this type of pizza is an excellent staple for the rest of your trip to Rome. An Award-Winning Panino Usually we don’t offer panini on our Rome food tours, but this one is an exception. That’s because it's the best in Rome! You'll find a line at any time of the day at this stall inside the Testaccio Market. An excellent example of take-away classic Roman working-class fare, this panino is a hit with locals and food-motivated foodies alike. Three Types of Popular Roman Pasta After our selection of delicious appetizers, it’s time to sit down down for lunch at one of the best restaurants in Testaccio. Enjoy three kinds of popular pasta dishes and wash it down with more delicious vino. This is an excellent opportunity to kick back and get to know your group a little better. Cool Off With Some Gelato You didn't think we'd finish a food tour without gelato, did you? If you've been in Italy before, you know how important it is to end a meal with gelato. If you’re headed to Rome, one thing you absolutely have to do is try gelato – the Italian version of ice cream. You’re in luck, because we know one of the best spots for fresh delicious gelato in Testaccio.

What's included

  • Food tasting at least 6 stops
  • At least one glass of wine 
  • Lunch at a restaurant built into the side of a hill
  • A friendly and local English-speaking guide
  • Meeting point easy to reach
  • Authentic Roman food
  • Small Group Size - maximum of 10 people

What's not included

  • Gratuities (recommended)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off