In-Depth Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

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Explore the Ancient City on an in-depth tour of Rome, including a fascinating journey through the Colosseum, where you’ll learn about the gladiators and find out what went on behind the scenes. Walk through the impressive ruins of the Roman Forum with a top-rated local guide, who will show you temples and triumphal arches. You’ll also explore the beautiful Palatine Hill, which is overlooked by other tour companies.

The Colosseum is one of the most awe-inspiring monuments ever built, one of the wonders of the world. Exploring the Colosseum with an expert guide allows you to see this magnificent construction through the eyes of the gladiators. You’ll hear captivating stories of bloody gladiatorial combat and spectacles involving wild animals, and even naval battles.A walk through the Roman Forum gives a unique insight into the daily life of ordinary Romans, but also the political conflicts of Ancient Rome. Walking along the cobbled streets of the Forum, you’ll see some of the most important buildings in the city, including the Temple of Saturn, the Basilicas of Julia and Maxentius, and the House of the Vestal Virgins. Learning about Roman religion and politics and hearing stories of dramatic events, such as the decapitation of Cicero, in the places where they actually happened, will make your trip through the Forum an unforgettable experience.The Palatine Hill was one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Ancient Rome, chosen by aristocracy and emperors for their luxurious villas. When you walk through the gardens of this shady hill and admire the stunning views of the Roman Forum below, you’ll understand why it was so sought after.It was here that the city of Rome began, as Romulus and Remus were believed to have been found by the she-wolf on the slopes of the hill, and the emperors who built their sumptuous private residences on the Palatine Hill, took advantage of this legendary association. You’ll explore the Flavian Palace, once inhabited by the emperor Domitian, and see the impressive remains of the Stadium of Domitian and the Baths of Septimius Severus.Our groups tours have a maximum of 13 people, and you will have plenty of opportunities to talk to your guide (an archaeologist), and ask questions. In addition, all tickets are bought in advance, so you can skip the lines and spend more time exploring Ancient Rome, on your in-depth tour of the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine.

What's included

  • Admission ticket
  • Professional guide
  • Small-group tour
  • Walking tour

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  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities (optional)


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