Shore Excursions in Rome

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From Civitavecchia: • 9 hours length • Pick up Time 8,00 am • Return Time 5,00 pm Private Shore Excursions from Cruise Port to the Roman Castles. Our English-speaking driver will welcome you right in front your ship holdind a sign with your name on. You will go on a day- tour in the vicinity of  Rome through scenic landscapes, inhabited since ancient  Roman times, where you will be allowed to stroll through some of the small historic towns to see how the the locals live.Your driver is not a licensed tour guide. Due to strict Italian laws and regulations in place to protect officially licensed guides, drivers can comment and explain attractions only from inside the vehicle. Drivers cannot elaborate on the attractions when they are outside of the vehicle. 
Strong towers and imposing walls will not be seen driving along the leading to the famous area of Lazio region. You will not see castles, but a series of small villages scattered on a territory of volcanic origin, called Roman castles only in recent times. Small towns are sometimes separated one from the other by woods of chestnut trees or by rich and untouched vegetation. Sometimes, they are linked one to the other by a continuity of buildings, or yet, other times they are isolated on the top of the ancient extinguished volcano.The name, “castles,” is derived from the villages that emerged around the popes’ villas and the rich noble families’ palaces that, following an old tradition, chose these sites for their summer residences. With a jump into a remote past, back into the Middle Ages, searching into an age whose episodes are still mysterious, we can imagine finding castles and strongholds of the most important families. They had set them in strategic places, like pawns on a chessboard, to control all southern Lazio and communications with the reign of Naples. The authentic Roman castles were then, the same villages that rose around those castles, which through the centuries became independent. The name reminds us no longer of existing castles, but of symbols of power of families in continuous struggles to get control of the area. Actually, the name, “Roman castles,” referred originally to all the inhabited areas of the ancient Districtus Urbis, an area of about 100 miles, reduced then to 40 miles, which surrounded Rome from North to South.This tour also gives you an opportunity to visit the main hill towns of Frascati ,Castel Gandolfo Ariccia & Genzano.

What’s included

  • Pick up / drop off under ship
  • Private Mercedes Vehicles
  • Personal English speaking driver
  • Full day tour of Roman Castles
  • 9 hours Duration
  • Water bottled
  • Wifi on board

What’s not included

  • Driving to other destinations
  • Official Guide
  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Lunch