Angels & Demons team building in Rome

Private & Custom Tours in Rome
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Tour description

Hunt down the illuminati using clues on this team-building tour through Rome. Each team drives a golf cart and is armed with a tour book and other tools necessary to fulfill their mission. After four hours, each team presents its clues to the mysterious Magister who will judge them. Later at a luncheon or dinner event, the winners will be announced.Starts from six people (two teams).

This incentive event for groups is a fun and a challenging way to discover Rome and the Vatican. During this team-building mission, you will search for evidence that could save Rome and the Vatican from the evils of the Illuminati, a secret society, known from the bestseller 'Angels & Demons'. Why just sightsee when you can also be the city’s savior? Each team has an electric golf cart -absolutely thé best way to discover Rome- and a tour book among other things. The 'squadra' that arrives first and carries out the assignments best, will win. The event takes half a day, and can be ideally combined with lunch or dinner.

What's included

  • Transportation by golf cart
  • Tour booklet and other tools
  • Supervision and staff
  • Award presentation

What's not included

  • lunch or/ and dinner