Riviera di Ponente restaurants

Ligurian in Savona

Casa della Panizza

This is the real deal – a perpetually busy back alley kitchen where salt cod or borage fritelle (fritters), panizza and farinata from both chickpea and chestnut flour are fried before your eyes and the banter flies …
Modern Italian in Dolceaqua

Casa e Bottega

Join the fashionably dressed French-border hoppers at this stylishly bucolic, all-day restaurant, cafe, homewares shop and general village epicentre. Lunch and dinner dishes are fresh, bold reworkings of local dishe…
Ligurian in Ventimiglia

Pasta & Basta

Duck into the underpass near the seafront on the border side of town to the perpetually redeveloping port area where you'll find Pasta & Basta. Various house-made fresh pasta can be mixed and matched with a larg…
Italian in Savona

Vino e Farinata

To enter this place in the cobbled centre, you'll have to walk past the two busy chefs: one shovelling fish into a wood-fired oven and the other mixing up batter in a barrel-sized whisking machine. The result: Ligur…
Deli in Finale Ligure

Salumeria Chiesa

Presided over by Laura Chiesa, this delicatessen offers a huge array of seafood salads, salamis, cheeses and gnocchi with pesto, of course. Order what you like in the shop and eat it at the tavola calda (‘warm table…
Ligurian in San Remo

Ristorante Urbicia Vivas

Basking in a quiet medieval square in San Remo's remarkable old town, Urbicia is slavishly faithful to old Ligurian recipes with a strong bias towards seafood. There's a €12 lunch deal and Friday night is risotto ni…
Italian in San Remo


This cosy, brightly lit place lined with wine bottles overflows with locals tucking into homemade traditional dishes such as pesto-doused pasta; it also has the most genial host in town.
Osteria in Finale Ligure

Osteria ai Cuattru Canti

Simple and good Ligurian specialities are cooked up at this rustic place in Finalborgo's historic centre.
Cafe in San Remo

Caffè Ducale

Italian panache with an added dash of San Remo swankiness make this elegant cafe-enoteca-salon de thé one of the most refined joints east of the Côte d'Azur. Enjoy a few aperitivi under the weighty chandeliers befor…
Ligurian in Riviera di Ponente

San Giorgino

Fancily done dishes with an emphasis on seafood and fresh Ligurian herbs and vegetables.