Riviera Dei Ciclopi attractions

Church in Acireale

Basilica di San Sebastiano

The Basilica di San Sebastiano is one of Acireale's finest baroque buildings. Guarded by statues of Old Testament characters, the basilica lifts the spirit with its luminous facade, whimsically lined with putti (che…
Theatre in Acireale

Teatro-Museo dell'Opera dei Pupi

Acireale has a long tradition of puppet theatre and you can learn all about it at Teatro-Museo dell'Opera dei Pupi. Guided tours of the museum are in Italian, although English-language information is available on re…
Village in Acireale

Santa Maria la Scala

There are two reasons to make the 2km downhill walk to this minute fishing village. One is the walk itself, which, once you've crossed the main road, is a lovely country stroll with gorgeous coastal views. The other…
Church in Acireale

Basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

Next to the cathedral, the Basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolo sports a wonderfully light, 18th-century facade. To the right of it, the Palazzo Municipale impresses with its wrought-iron balconies and imposing central…
Cathedral in Acireale


Flanking the western side of Piazza Duomo is Acireale's barrel-vaulted cathedral. Built in the early 1600s, it's topped by towering, conical-capped towers. Inside, the echoing vaults and chapels are richly frescoed.
Castle in Aci Castello


Built in the 13th century, this dark, brooding Norman castle sits over an earlier Arab fortification. It's in surprisingly good shape considering its age, and hosts a small museum with a collection of geological roc…