Riomaggiore restaurants

Ligurian in Riomaggiore

Colle del Telegrafo

Perched on a ridge south of Riomaggiore, where the old telegraph line used to be strung, the views from the Colle del Telegrafo are spectacular. But they don’t overshadow the carefully prepared dishes of pasta with …
Seafood in Riomaggiore

Dau Cila

Perched within pebble-lobbing distance of Riomaggiore's wee harbour, Dau Cila is a smart, kitsch-free zone, and specialises in classic seafood and hyper-local wines. Pair the best Cinque Terre whites with cold plate…
Modern Italian in Riomaggiore

La Lampara

There are always lots of tourists here but you won't feel like one as the service is so genuinely personable. Fish dishes predominate, though the pizza and pasta al pesto are also made with care.