Rimini in detail

Drinking & Nightlife

Rimini's drinking action spins on three hubs: the Marina Centro neighbourhood along the seafront; Borgo San Giuliano, the enchanting fisherman's village; and the buzzy cluster of bars surrounding the brick triple archway of the old pescheria (fish market) off Piazza Cavour (active year-round at aperitivo time).

Rimini's Clubbing Scene

Some come to Rimini in search of Roman relics. Others seek out its lavish modern nightclubs. Rimini first garnered a reputation for mega-hip nightclubbing in the 1990s when an electric after-dark scene took off in the hills of Misano Monte and Riccone several kilometres to the south of the city centre. Far from being a tacky re-run of Torremolinos or Magaluf, Rimini’s new clubs quickly established themselves as modish, fashionable affairs with an appeal that extended beyond simply the 18- to 30-year-old demographic. That’s not to say they were boring.