Top Choice Cave in Monte Sant'Angelo

Santuario di San Michele

Over the centuries this sanctuary has expanded to incorporate a large complex of religious buildings that overlay its original shrine. The double-arched entrance vestibule at street level stands next to a distinctiv…
National Park in Promontorio del Gargano

Parco Nazionale del Gargano

One of Italy's largest national parks, a place of sweeping coast and deep, ancient forests, sits on the spur of southern Italy in Puglia, jutting out into the Adriatic Sea.
Tomb in Monte Sant'Angelo

Tomba di Rotari

A short flight of stairs opposite the Santuario di San Michele leads to a 12th-century baptistry with a deep sunken basin for total immersion. You enter the baptistry through the facade of the Chiesa di San Pietro w…
Cathedral in Vieste


Built by the Normans on the ruins of a Vesta temple, this 11th-century 'co-cathedral' (so called because its bishopric is shared with another) is in Pugliese-Romanesque style with a fanciful tower that resembles a c…
Amphitheatre in Lucera

Roman Amphitheatre

Dating to the last (Augustan) days of the Roman Republic, Lucera's amphitheatre was built for gladiatorial combat and accommodated up to 18,000 people. Uncovered in 1932, it's the largest amphitheatre in southern It…
Cemetery in Vieste

La Salata

This palaeo-Christian graveyard dating from the 4th to 6th centuries AD is 9km out of town. Inside the cave, tier upon tier of narrow tombs are cut into the rock wall; others form shallow niches in the cave floor. G…
Park in Foresta Umbra

Museum & Nature Centre

There is a small centro visitatori (visitors centre) in the middle of Foresta Umbra that houses a museum and nature centre with fossils, photographs, and stuffed animals and birds. Half-day guided hikes are availabl…
Castle in Monte Sant'Angelo


At the highest point of Monte Sant'Angelo is this rugged fastness, first built by Orso I, who later became Doge of Venice, in the 9th century. One 10th-century tower, Torre dei Giganti, survives, but most of what yo…
Cathedral in Lucera


On the former site of Lucera’s Great Mosque (itself built by the Saracens over an existing church as a symbol of conquest) Puglia’s only Gothic cathedral was built in 1301 by Charles II of Anjou. The altar was once …
Castle in Lucera


Frederick II’s enormous castle shows just what a big fish Lucera once was in the Puglian pond. Built in 1233, it’s set on a rocky hillock surrounded by a nearly 1km wall, studded with square, round and hexagonal tow…