The Brikette is a cheerful place with wonderful views and a range of sleeping options, from dorms to doubles and apartments. Some of the dorms have recently been revamped, with handy bunk-side USB sockets and reading lights. Pod-style bunks are expected to replace the tired current bunks in 2018. Breakfast – not included in the price – includes options like pancakes and cold-pressed juices.

The Italian-English owners are a great source of information if you're planning walks in the area, providing maps and sound advice.

Property description

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1. Special Event Conditions

Reservations for the period July 1st to Aug 31st are of the form 'prepaid and non-refundable'. This means that they have different payment terms, are subject to a different cancellation policy, and may not be modified. You will be charged in full for the reservation shortly after you book. Failure to make payment will mean the booking is cancelled. Once payment has been made, it will not be refundable should you cancel.

2. Preauthorizations

Your credit card will be pre-authorized 17 days before arrival, for an amount equal to your first night’s stay. The pre-authorization will be made for all bookings, including those for the period July 1st to August 31st. If we cannot make the required pre-authorization, your booking will be cancelled.

3. Cancellation and Modifications

The hostel has a 72 hours cancellation policy, and a 168 hours booking modification policy. The notice period for both the cancellation and the booking modification policies is calculated from midnight of the day of your first night's stay. We only accept modification and cancellation requests submitted in writing.

4. Dorm Room Age Restrictions

Guests under the age of 17 are not permitted in dorms, and are only allowed in private rooms when accompanied by a guardian. Guests over the age of 45 are not permitted in dorms. If you make a booking that does not meet the above requirements, we may cancel your booking. Should we do so, our standard cancellation policy will apply.

5. Identification Verification

During check-in, you will be asked to provide one of the following types of identification: national identity card, driver's license, passport. The identification must be in good order (i.e in date), and be an original document e.g. we cannot accept photocopies, electronic photos etc. Failure to provide a valid identification will result in your booking being cancelled, and a cancellation fee being charged.

6. Alcoholic Beverages

The hostel has a bar. Only alcoholic beverages purchased from the hostel’s bar may be consumed on the premises.

7. No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

8. Payments

Payment is due on arrival. Sales taxes of 10% are added as standard, and credit card payments will incur a 5% surcharge.

9. Checkout

Checkout of your room must be complete by 10:30am. By 11am, you must vacate the property for the day. You may store your bags with us on your day of departure, until 4pm, but must do so before 11am.

10. Automatic Extensions and Daily Hostelling

Failure to checkout promptly will mean that we will either automatically register you for the hostel’s daily hostelling facility or extend your stay. Standard charges for both will be applied.

To see our terms and conditions in full, please see the following document -


Located in Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi coast, hostel Brikette is the perfect place to stay while touring places like Pompeii, Amalfi, Ravello and Capri.

For people who enjoy the nature, there are great trails just up the road.

the view from the hostel is simply breathtaking, and customers will be able to enjoy our food and drinks from our bar terrace.

Please note that reservations for the period July 10th to July 25th have different payment terms, and are subject to a different cancellation policy.

Reservations made for this period are of the form 'pre-paid and non-refundable'. You will be charged in full for the reservation shortly after you book. Once payment has been made, it will not be refundable should you cancel