Pizza in Portofino

Pizzeria Il Portico

Wander a block from the harbour and pizza margheritas can be procured for €6. You can also enjoy dishes such as octopus salad, vongole (clams) and Genovese specials on chequered tablecloths outside.
Ligurian in Portofino

Ristorante Puny

Puny's harbourside location is the one you've come to Portofino for and the owners treat everyone like they're a visiting celeb. The food sticks loyally to Ligurian specialities, especially seafood.
in Portofino

Caffè Excelsior

A fashionable eatery overlooking the port, Caffè Excelsior is a good perch with romantic outdoor booths – where Greta Garbo used to hide behind dark glasses – serving up octopuses and prawns.