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Top Choice Museum in Portoferraio

Museo Villa Napoleonica di San Martino

Napoleon personally supervised the transformation of what had been a large farmhouse in the hills 5km southwest of Portoferraio into an elegant villa where he could escape the summer heat. Romanticism and hubris bot…
Museum in Portoferraio

Museo Nazionale della Residenze Napoleoniche

Villa dei Mulini was home to Napoleon during his stint in exile on this small isle. With its Empire-style furnishings, splendid library, fig-tree-studded Italianate gardens and unbeatable sea view, the emperor didn'…
Archaeological Site in Portoferraio

Villa de Romana delle Grotte

Wander through the ruins of this 1st-century-BC Roman villa overlooking the sea at Punta delle Grotte and you will be able to evoke the privileged lifestyle of its original owners, the noble Valerii family. Foundati…
Archaeological Site in Portoferraio

Area Museale della Linguelle

The 16th-century Torre del Martello was where Napoleon was 'imprisoned' at the start of his fleeting exile on Elba in 1814 and the russet-red, hexagonal tower remained a prison until 1877. It and the archaeological …
Fort in Portoferraio

Forte Stella

The salmon-pink Star Fort, so called due to its shape, is one of Portoferraio's defining twinset of hilltop forts. It was commissioned by Cosimo l de' Medici and completed in 1548.
Church in Portoferraio

Chiesa della Misericordia

The dimly lit, 17th-century Chiesa della Misericordia is home to Napoleon's death mask.