Top things to do in Porto Torres

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San Gavino

Tucked into a leafy corner near the Basilica di San Gavino, this welcoming restaurant scores across the board. The regional food is fabulous – try the antipasto of cured meats and vegetables in olive oil – the setti…
Church in Porto Torres

Basilica di San Gavino

Porto Torres' modern, workaday streets provide the unlikely setting for Sardinia’s largest Romanesque church. Built between 1030 and 1080, the basilica is an impressive and architecturally important structure, notab…
Museum in Porto Torres

Museo Antiquarium Turritano & Area Archeologica

This complex houses the excavated remains of Turris Libisonis, the ancient Roman port on which the modern city stands. The museum displays finds from the adjacent archaeological area, including a collection of ceram…
Cafe in Porto Torres


A local landmark, this bustling bar-cum-pasticceria (pastry shop) near the waterfront draws a regular crowd, with people popping in at all hours, be it for a breakfast coffee, a light lunch, or an evening aperitivo.