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Top Choice Archaeological Site in Pompeii

Ruins of Pompeii

The ghostly ruins of ancient Pompeii (Pompei in Italian) make for one of the world's most engrossing archaeological experiences. Much of the site's value lies in the fact that the town wasn't simply blown away by Ve…
Top Choice Campanian in Pompeii


At the helm of this Michelin-starred standout is charming owner-chef Paolo Gramaglia, whose passion for local produce, history and culinary whimsy translates into bread made to ancient Roman recipes, yellowtail carp…
Archaeological Site in Pompeii

Villa dei Misteri

This restored, 90-room villa is one of the most complete structures left standing in Pompeii. The Dionysiac frieze, the most important fresco still on-site, spans the walls of the large dining room. One of the bigge…
Theatre in Pompeii

Pompei Theatrum Mundi

Pompeii's ancient Teatro Grande is the venue for this acclaimed summertime season of classical theatre, performed by Naples' Teatro Stabile.
Coffee in Pompeii


Friendly, laid-back Campana is Campania's first speciality-coffee roastery, the passion project of young maverick roaster Paola Campana. Sip and slurp from a rotating cast of single origins, or try the intriguing ho…
Archaeological Site in Pompeii

Terme Suburbane

Just outside ancient Pompeii's city walls, this 1st-century-BC bathhouse is famous for several erotic frescoes that scandalised the Vatican when they were revealed in 2001. The panels decorate what was once the apod…
Italian in Pompeii

La Bettola del Gusto

Inspired by their mother Rosa's cooking, twins Alberto and Vincenzo Fortunato are the force behind this warm, good-value restaurant. The kitchen revels in all things artisanal, whether it be the provolone del Monaco…
Neapolitan in Pompeii

Sofì Street Food

Sofì hits the spot with cheap, tasty Neapolitan street food like rustic panino napoletano, a doughy roll stuffed with cheese and salami. Other options include involtini, pizza wraps filled with combos like salsiccia…
Neapolitan in Pompeii


Stop by this luscious gourmet deli to revel in the taste of Campania. There's a vibrant in-house restaurant where you can sit down to local delicacies such as fresh mozzarella di bufala (buffalo mozzarella), Granian…
Archaeological Site in Pompeii


A huge rectangle flanked by limestone columns, the foro was ancient Pompeii's main piazza, as well as the site of gladiatorial games before the Anfiteatro was constructed. The buildings surrounding the forum are tes…